"I had an opportunity to work with Refresh on a creative research project and was impressed with both Sharon's research acumen and professionalism. She introduced me to a new qualitative methodology that allowed me and my team to be more engaged with the research process, thus providing us with an enriched understanding of our customers and potential customers. We look forward to an working with Sharon again in the future."

Joanne Ross
Director of Regional Marketing, Central.
Ivanhoe Cambridge

"Sharon is an excellent moderator and has an ability to think outside of the box in terms of bringing forward innovative solutions to uncover insights. "

Leslie Gascoigne
Principal, Director of Client Services

"Sharon Archibald has the right balance of research knowledge, professionalism and flexibility. Above all, she has the natural instincts and techniques required to draw the most vital information out of consumers. She is my first choice for qualitative research. "

Harvey Sawler
President, Forerunner Creative and Tourism Strategies Ltd.

"Sharon's professionalism and attention to detail provided the foundation of success that our project was based on. Thorough research of our company and an applied cultural sensitivity customized our working relationship and produced an exceptional product. I would recognize insight and objectively as the trademarks of Refresh Market Research."

Kristy Sheppard
Director of Tourism
Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism
Nunatsiavut Government

"I really enjoy working with Sharon; dealing with her is a real pleasure. Sharon makes us feel like we're her best client, always ready to help. Her moderating skills are excellent and she quickly makes participants comfortable and ready to give their best."

Sylvain laroche
Vice President
Createc Plus